Start Now: take just one step right now

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Start Now: take just one step right now

Life gives us tasks in stages. We get an inspiration for a project, and this is the moment to begin.

The things that create the deepest sense of satisfaction in us are usually the most simple and immediate. One simple way to create deep and immediate satisfaction is by taking action on an idea we receive, when we receive it.

Sometimes when we are stuck with an idea or inspiration, we write it down on a to-do list. But by this method there is a good chance that instead of inspiring and creating a sense of joy, the idea just becomes another thing clogging up the to-do list and causing stress.

But if, when we get an idea, we immediately take action of some kind, whether by sending an email, researching a topic, or beginning the first stages of a project, there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that creates energy, buoyancy and lightness in us. And this then gives us more energy to move forward to the next steps as they arise.

Life gives us tasks in stages. We get an inspiration for a project, and this is the moment to begin. Otherwise, the universe may continue to give us the steps and they will pile up until it becomes too difficult to start. Or the ideas may cease to come and the creative force will instead be sent through another medium at another time.

Of course, there are times when we are too busy and we must put things on the back burner. However, we can renovate the time structures in our lives to create space to move slowly in the direction we are being inspired to move. We always make time to brush our teeth and have a meal. Nourishing the creative side of selves is just as important as these other kinds of self-care.

To be creative does not apply simply to art, music or prose. We are all creative beings; we create every single moment – with our intentions, thoughts, words, actions, with the energy we choose to send into the world.

We cannot always know where we are going and what the outcome will be. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of our creative ideas, saying things like “It’ll never really go anywhere if I begin playing an instrument, so why bother spending the money or time to learn”, “I’ll never master it”, “I’ll never be good enough.”

It’s important to begin your own inner training, to create a dialogue that supports exploring the avenues you are drawn down without knowing why or what or where it is going. You do not need to cling to an outcome that defines success in some man-made way, rather, let it all be an experiment. Do it for the joy, the challenge, the experience, the exercise – simply to expand in some new way.

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So, what are the inspirations that have been striking you lately? Any urges? Any ideas that have come like a clear vision? Have you talked yourself out of exploring them? What has your inner dialogue told you?

What will be the new inner dialogue you create to support the adventurer you are? To support the experiments of experience? How can you renovate your time structures to make 5 extra minutes a day to take a step, an action in the direction of your vision? Baby steps. Little by little. For the joy.

There are many ways you can practice listening to the inspiration of the moment.

Next time you are in the produce section of the grocery store, allow yourself to be drawn naturally to foods, rather than drifting in autopilot, grabbing similar things week to week, because you know exactly where they are on the shelf. Instead, look around and see where you have an urge to go; to which colours and shapes. And then try them.

When walking home, allow your inner urges to take you down a street you don’t usually travel. Notice which people you are drawn to talk to, to connect with.

In all these situations, notice the inner dialogue which tries to talk you out of trying new things. Hear it, and then respond with your new inner program.

I find it helpful to remind myself that it’s an experiment, and that the outcome does not matter so much as the exercise of letting my mind and body reach in new and expansive directions, drawing me out of the patterns and repetitions that do not add fresh value and growth to my experience.

Lists are good, so long as we actually tackle the things on them. Begin by making a list of ALL the ideas and things you have wanted to try.

Then begin. Task by task. Take action. And watch the beauty that unfolds.
Loving you Meghan

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