Scholarship Program

Meghan Currie is offering an inclusive opportunity for a scholarship for her
Online Teachings!

I have been teaching Yoga-inspired classes, workshops, and teacher training for 10 years internationally and practicing for 20. My career asks me to be alive, constantly intuiting the highest truth, the deepest narrative, and the most integral way I can be of service in the world.

I sincerely wish that every person has the opportunity to experience all the benefits of yoga practice and use them to achieve the most desirable goals and dreams.

I am so thrilled to announce that I am now able to gift you amazing opportunities to practice with me and discover all the delights of yoga.

Table of Contents

Meghan Currie Yoga Online Studio

The yoga-inspired practices here come from my 20 years of experience practicing and 10 years of teaching. They are designed to create a deepening of connections back to the magic and wealth of being who we are. Expand your comfort zone, connect to what’s real for you, and get inspired. Whether you are looking for a juicy movement practice, a sweet soothing meditation, or concoction inspiration, you can find it here, tastily mashed together with so much more!

The Online Studio is a space for playful yoga-inspired classes to deepen your practice with over 115 hours of video content. Come here to move, breathe, and create delicious mind-body connections!

What’s Included In the Online Studio Scholarship

Members Journey: Metamorphosis

An exclusive members-only thematic journey over 6 stages. Each theme is articulately designed to deepen your practice.

Class Library

Full access to Meghan’s library of single classes, including Vinyasa, Yin, Meditations, Drills, Tutorials, and long sessions.

Move From Love

One of Meghan’s most popular workshops is back and included in the membership! Learn how to create a map of self-practice that inspires growth.

Yoga Habit Sculptor

The program included in your membership, Meghan uses ankle weights to help you develop the strength to complement your Asana practice.

Who can apply?

The Meghan Currie Online Studio Scholarship Program is a unique offering to allow individuals to learn from Meghan’s teachings who might have been unable to participate otherwise.

If you are inspired by Meghan Currie’s methods and excited to learn and grow holistically, lovingly, and passionately; then we would love to welcome you into the Scholarship Program.

We would love to give the Scholarship opportunity to everyone. However, we give our preference to students from the following categories:

  • individuals from low-income countries
  • individuals with difficult financial situations
  • students and teachers in-training

As well as potentially anyone who displays a burning desire and zest for Yoga with Meghan Currie and her creations.

How to apply?

Applications are currently open. Click the button below to apply for the Online Studio Scholarship.

You can also join our growing and beautiful Facebook Group for the Meghan Currie Yoga Community where we post all news and updates about Scholarships with me and other offerings. I’m happy to welcome you there!

Should you have any more wonderings, questions, or comments about the Scholarship Program then please do not hesitate to drop a message to our wonderful team: