Like Water: Flow & Let Go

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“We shed our tears in order to see the world afresh, in joy and celebration.”

Beautiful Souls,

I’ve often shared my process of growth with you all; how it seems to come in layers that have to be peeled one at a time, and how every bit of our tiny little successes are worthy of celebration.

This week, I decided to shed some of my own layers by participating in a water fasting program. It’s been profound. Ups, downs, sideways..all ways I’ve been uncovering and letting go of parts of myself that no longer serve me or anyone, for that matter.

One of the lessons the facilitator of the fasting program has been repeating is “resist nothing that comes, when we resist we suffer”. Her words brought me back to this song that my friends, Raio and Sophie Sofrēē, composed based on a traditional medicine song from Peru called ‘Cuñaq’: “It’s a song of praise and prayer to the Waters, which brings us purification and renewal. We shed our tears in order to see the world afresh, in joy and celebration.”

Like Water: Flow and Let Go

Well, I can say that there were definitely a few (billion) tears the first day of having a water-only diet. I kept reminding myself to resist nothing, to let every part that rose up to be there fully. Like water, flow and let go. And now, at the end of day 4, I’m shocked and stunned at the transformation I feel and excited to come out of this journey with a fresh perspective.

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A wise one once said that there’s power in our tears, each tear is a let go. My teacher reminds me that our lymphatic system releases toxins in 3 ways: tears, sweat and urine. Shedding layers is an opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves us so we can show up in the world stronger, more empowered, and feeling yummier than ever. And that is exactly my plan!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you this little personal practice of mine inspired by the water song, and dedicated to celebrating the essence of water and life. I’m so grateful that I get to do this flow amid Bali’s beautiful jungle where water is still considered sacred and magical.

I hope you feel inspired to flow and it purifies a little something something within your layers.


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