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300 Hour YTT “Intrinsic Genius” with Meghan Currie

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in·trin·sic: belonging to the essential nature of a thing; occurring as a natural part of something

genius: an exceptional natural capacity of intellect

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

Our personal Sadhana and teaching practice have the power to connect us to our authentic core. Here we ignite our self-trust and reclaim our innate wisdom. By diving deep into the intelligence of our body-mind and integrating fragmented pieces, there is an opportunity to alchemize fear into possibility and open curiously to the adventure of our life.

When we accept the unknown and embrace the mystery, we can allow life to unfold moment by moment. From this place of trust and connection, our own Intrinsic Genius begins to emerge and we step into the flood stream of creativity, spontaneity, and flow.

In this three-part advanced teacher training, we will combine a deep exploration of personal practice with advanced skill-building sessions to propel your development as a professional yoga instructor and student. Your growth will be supported by studies in inspired cueing, advanced anatomy, Vedantic philosophy, neuroscience, meditation, sequencing, theming, self-study, and breathwork. By combining rich inner work with technical craft, you will be empowered to skillfully conduct the many layers of the class experience with confidence, integrity, and authenticity.

Sneak Peek of the 300hr YTT “Intrinsic Genius”

Join Meghan Currie for her new 300-hour teacher training program, Intrinsic Genius. This three-part YTT is composed of three 100-hour modules that will support 200-hour teachers to unearth their own Intrinsic Genius and authentic teaching voice. Take each part alone to advance your education, or take all three and earn your 300-hour certification.

To believe your own thought, to believe what is true for you in your own private heart…that is genius…



Note: these three modules that together make a 300-hour teacher training do not need to be taken sequentially. Each module will excavate and explore a particular aspect of the practice to help teachers deeply embody those teaching principles.


Everything can be sadhana. The way you eat, the way you sit, the way you stand, the way you breathe, the way you conduct your body, mind and your energies and emotions – this is sadhana. Sadhana does not mean any specific kind of activity, sadhana means you are using everything as a tool for your wellbeing.


Without the support of embodied experience, new ideas and teaching can become limited due to a disconnect between the body and mind. When information has been experienced, felt, and digested, what is shared becomes potent and resonant as it’s shared from a place of deep knowing.

Sadhana is the devoted practice that brings us deep into the intelligence of our body. It’s there where we digest our experiences with breath and awareness, and always leave our mats transformed in some way. Our sadhana practice is the personal university where we have the opportunity to continuously learn something new about ourselves and life as a whole. From this place of experience, we have the opportunity to translate our learnings and share them with others from a place of deep knowledge. Our personal sadhana informs our teaching, inspiring insight that we can communicate with authenticity..

Sequencing and Sadhana is a rich discovery and uncovering of the truths that are born from within your practice. In this 100-hour journey, you will engage in concentrated studies in sequencing, theming, neuroscience, pranayama, and meditation. By positioning these technical studies within a greater experience of your personal practice, you will integrate new understandings of how to lead from your authentic core. 


  • Enrich and advance your personal yoga through deep, juicy, immersive practices.
  • Learn to create your own unique sequences in Meghan’s signature vinyasa style.
  • Develop your authentic and empowered teaching voice by blending sequencing skills with intuitive exploration.
  • Integrate your sadhana into your daily life through personalized and consistent practices; explore how your sadhana is a pathway for personal development. 
  • Explore Vedantic Philosophy and its application in practice and life. 
  • Learn how you can use the tools of the practice (asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation) to impact the body’s nervous system.
  • Explore how to harmonize all aspects of the practice to create intentional, balanced, and transformational experiences. 
  • Increase your trust in your own inner wisdom and gain confidence in your teaching.



When we communicate, we are painting pictures and sculpting realities with our language. To paint a powerful picture, we must have a clear internal vision of what we’re trying to convey. We build and clarify this internal vision through our own embodied experience, which we can then translate and transmit to our students through our cueing.

Studying anatomy is about more than learning the muscles and bones; it is about recognizing our own holistic, multi-dimensional embodiment. When we integrate anatomical knowledge experientially, we develop an inspired and organic ability to communicate a new depth of understanding.

Through your personal practice, you will build a three-dimensional library of language, metaphor, and imagery that can spark new realizations in your students.


  • Enrich and advance your personal yoga through deep, juicy, immersive practices.
  • Develop your own internal library of metaphor, imagery, and creative language that you can draw from to expand your teaching and cueing.
  • Through a deep dive into experiential anatomy, learn to specifically and clearly cue the physical body in asana using anatomical terminology.
  • Learn to skillfully educate your students in practice through creatively linking anatomical and figurative cueing. 
  • Explore Vedantic Philosophy and its application in practice and life. 
  • Learn to sculpt your communication in order to create inspirational classes for your students and elevate your relationship with yourself and others; explore how your communication is a pathway for personal development. 
  • Increase your trust in your own inner wisdom and gain confidence in your teaching.



By cultivating breath awareness, we intensify the potency of each moment and bring greater presence, appreciation, and enjoyment into our lives. Our personal practice is the cauldron where we grow our breath awareness and increase our sensitivity to feel the breath’s powerful effects. Breath-centered yoga practices are a porthole into another realm of movement. When we learn to ride the breath, each movement can become like surfing. Much like surfing, riding the breath takes skill, patience, and practice to learn. In this module, we explore the elements and specific practices that are key to becoming expert breath riders. In our teaching we are then able to lead our students to work with the breath, creating breath-centered practices that are nourishing, grounding, and holistic.

There are many varied maps from different traditions of the subtle body, each with its own wisdom to impart. In this module, we will focus on the chakra and Vayu systems as they relate to our physical asana practice and our state of mind-body. Using a practical approach, we will examine how these subtle aspects, when used intentionally in practice, can positively influence our state of being. 

Theming is the emanating essence of a class that can create profound transformation. Themes that are rich, multi-faceted, and most importantly authentic, illuminate inner connections and insights that elevate, uplift, and inspire.  This powerful effect makes theming not only an art but the heartbeat of a powerful class. In this module, we take an immersive quest to discover and refine the art of theming from our authentic core. We will look at how to create classes that radiate a theme, intertwining the elements of learned knowledge, intuition, and intrinsic wisdom.


  • Enrich and advance your personal yoga through deep, juicy, immersive practices.
  • Learn how to “ride the breath,” where you will engage with the breath’s power to guide physical movement as well as still the fluctuations of the mind.
  • Share the art of “riding the breath” with your students by teaching breath-centered vinyasa practices.
  • Create powerful and authentic themes from a place of personal connection and intuition; learn to make the theme the heartbeat of the practice.
  • Explore Vedantic Philosophy and its application in practice and life. 
  • Describe the anatomical function of breath and the structures of respiration.
  • Practically integrate breathwork into your daily life to support your health and well-being.
  • Develop your understanding of the subtle body and explore its influence on your state of being; explore how the chakra system can provide a roadmap for personal development.
  • Experience how asana and breathwork can help support the health of the subtle body and explore how you may integrate these practices into your teaching.
  • Increase your trust in your own inner wisdom and gain confidence in your teaching.


8:00am – 12:00pm: Daily Sadhana (meditation, pranayama, asana, mudra, reflection)

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm – 2:30pm: Advanced skills topic (example: neuroscience of the breath)

2:30pm – 3:30pm: Advanced sequencing topic (example: wash cycle sequencing techniques) 

3:30pm – 4:30pm: Practice teaching integration and feedback

4:30pm – 5:00pm: Daily closing and reflections

5:00pm – 6:00pm: Dinner

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Optional use of space for practice teaching and homework/movie nights.

Note: Topics change daily, schedule subject to change


The estimate price for any of the modules is: $2,260 USD

If you want to dive deep into this experience and take the 3 Modules there is an estimate price of $5,780 USD

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About Bali

Bali. Land of the Gods.

From the minute you step out of the airport into the warm, buttery air, your body begins to unfold. The magic of the island, its scented air, the friendly smiles of locals, magnificent mountains, rugged coastlines, volcanic hillsides, and sparkling, and black volcanic beaches, will capture your heart and soul with its magic.  

Predominantly Hindu, the Balinese way of life is steeped in a rich and diverse spiritual history and culture, and a gentle prayerful way of moving through this world with everyday ritual. A haven of traditional healers and artists, there is a myriad of temples to explore as well as boutique cafes, galleries, yoga, and surf retreats. Seamless hillsides sculpted with rice paddies, towering rainforest canopies, and the unique, intricately styled architecture of the island is a constant source of wonder. With so much to explore you will quickly fall in love with this mystical island and its seemingly limitless offerings.

Bali is an ideal destination to re-navigate your inner and outer world while enlivening an exploration of the senses.



Is it required that I have given classes before joining the training?

– It is preferable that you have teaching experience, as you will be required to teach in the training. However, you will still be accepted if you do not have teaching experience.

What level of Yoga practice is required to join the training?

– You don’t need to be advanced in your practice. You just need to have consistent practice and be keen to learn.

What kind of experience is required to join the Training?

– Successful completion of 200hr foundational level training
– Have a regular practice, preferably for at least 2-3 years


What’s included in the Training price?

– The price mentioned above includes the cost of the teacher training, digital copy of the manual, and it will certify you as a 300HR RYT through Yoga Alliance. The price includes Pricing does NOT include the cost of transport, food, or accommodation. 

Is there any other payment option besides credit/debit cards?

– Students may also do the bank transfer. If you wish to do the bank transfer, please kindly contact for more information

Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid for students?

– We don’t have any scholarships or financial aid for students for in-person training at the moment. However, we do provide a discount if you join 2 or 3 modules.


What is the address of the Training venue?

– The training venue will be on Radiantly Alive Studio Ubud And the address is on Jl. Jembawan No.3, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571 or you can check it here 

Do I need to stay at a specific hotel?

– Students are not required to stay at a specific hotel. If you are looking for accommodation near our studio, please see our recommendations here


How can I connect with other students before the Training?

– You can connect with other registered students in the Facebook Community here

I still have questions, who can help me?

– Don’t worry, we’re always here for you and happy to assist! Don’t hesitate to reach out at

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What visa do I need if I’m coming for all 3 modules?

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