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Meghan Currie’s 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training ‘Intrinsic Genius’

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Intrinsic Genius

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

in·trin·sic : belonging to the essential nature of a thing: occurring as a

natural part of something

genius : an exceptional natural capacity of intellect.

Our personal Sadhana and teaching, along with everything else we do, holds the potential for us to recover our self-trust and reclaim our innate spontaneity, creativity and flow. Trust brings us deep into our bodies, back to ourselves in the moment, to a place where our fear of unpredictability becomes alchemized into possibility. We open to an adventure on a path yet uncarved.

When we accept the unknown and embrace this mystery, we can then allow life to unfold moment by moment. From this place of connection, our own Intrinsic Genius begins to emerge, and we step into the flood stream of creativity, spontaneity and flow.

In this three-part advanced teacher training, we will combine a deep exploration of personal practice with advanced skill-building sessions in order to propel your development as a professional yoga instructor. Your growth will be supported by studies in cueing, tensegrity, and the fascia system, Vedantic philosophy, neuroscience, meditation, hands-on assists, sequencing, breathwork, and pranayama. By combining rich inner work with technical craft, you will be empowered to skillfully conduct the many layers of the class experience with integrity, skill, and authenticity.

Join Meghan Currie for her new 300-hour teacher training program, Intrinsic Genius. This three-part YTT is composed of three 100-hour modules that will support 200-hour teachers to unearth their own intrinsic genius and authentic teaching voice. Take each part alone to advance your education, or take all three and earn your 300-hour certification.


Note: these do not need to be taken sequentially. Each module will excavate and explore a particular aspect of the practice to help teachers deeply embody those teaching principles.



Without the support of embodied experience, new ideas and teaching can remain flat and intellectualized information. However, once something has been felt and digested from within, this information can develop potency and be integrated into wisdom.

Sadhana is the tool that helps us translate our experiences into understanding. Through Sadhana, we digest our experience so that it becomes a purifying medicine. The practice helps us to embody our own experience. From this anchor, we can teach with greater depth, potency, creativity, and spontaneity.

Sequencing and Sadhana will be a rich discovery and uncovering of the truths that are born from and within your personal practice. In this 100-hour journey, you will engage in concentrated studies in sequencing, theming, neuroscience, pranayama, and meditation. By positioning these technical studies within a greater experience of practice, you will integrate this understanding and be able to act as a transmitter of the teachings.


  • Dive deep into the layers of your personal practice.
  • Design and build empowering sequences in Meghan’s signature vinyasa style.
  • Skillfully and intuitively pace your class teaching for maximum student experience.
  • Create graceful and safe transitions to seamlessly integrate the class into one continuous flow.
  • Cultivate the techniques necessary to hold students in the practice space skillfully, seamlessly, and intuitively.
  • Develop your authentic and empowered teaching voice.
  • Examine the different purposes and practices of Sadhana (the why, the what, and the how) to reignite your connection to your practice and the yoga lineage.
  • Experiment with a variety of practices to develop an experiential understanding of each practice’s effects.
  • Through this embodiment, you’ll powerfully root your teaching in your own understanding which creates the possibility for transmission.
  • Describe how you can use the tools of the practice (asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation) to impact the body’s nervous system.
  • Create powerful and inspirational thematic journeys from a place of personal connection and intuition.
  • Find greater trust in your own inner wisdom and gain confidence in your teaching.



Communication is like painting a picture with our words. To paint a powerful picture, we must have a clear internal vision of what we’re trying to convey. We build and clarify this internal vision through our own embodied experience, which we can then translate and transmit to our students through our cueing.

Studying anatomy is about more than learning the muscles and bones; it is about recognizing our own holistic, multi-dimensional embodiment. When we integrate anatomical knowledge experientially, we develop an inspired and organic ability to communicate a new depth of understanding.

Through studying advanced integrative anatomy in this course, you will learn how the myofascial network of the body “connects the dots” and inspires strength, tensegrity, and grace.

Through your personal practice, you will build a three-dimensional library of language, metaphor, and imagery that will spark new realizations in your students.


  • Cue the physical body in asana, from the visceral to the subtle.
  • Learn, embody, and cue Meghan’s “connect the dots” method to create tensegrity and holistic connection in all layers of the body.
  • Develop your own internal library of metaphors, imagery, and creative language that you can draw from to expand your teaching and cueing.
  • Describe how the fascial trains model illuminates and activates your yoga practice and supports functional movement.
  • Skillfully cue to “align as you transition” the body within movement.
  • Use integrative hands-on assists that work with the intelligence of the body to help students integrate the actions of the pose.
  • Intelligently cue students in order to help them to self-adjust.
  • Deepen your connection to your own voice, empower your presence, and hold space as a teacher.
  • Enrich and advance your personal yoga through juicy, daily immersive practices.



Breath is the force that animates us from the moment we arrive until the moment we transition. It is with us every moment, every step of the journey of our life. Breathing is so automatic and “regular” that it can largely go unnoticed, its effects becoming unrealized or taken for granted.

Through practice, we become skillful conductors of the subtle movements of breath and are able to teach our students to work with its power. Through cultivating breath awareness, we intensify the potency of each moment and bring greater awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment into our lives.

In this course, you will learn how prana moves within the body, and how to use bandha, breath, and mudra to move this energy skillfully through the body. Through asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques, you will cultivate a deeper intimacy and remember the true presenting power of your breath in your practice and life.

This module will be an opportunity to nurture and grow your relationship with your breath. Each day will unfold a new layer of practices designed sequentially to refine your skills, capacities, and sensitivities for uncovering the meaning of what it means to breathe.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the breath.
  • Create your personal, daily breath practice.
  • Discern the difference between breath practices and pranayama.
  • Describe the anatomical function of breath and the structures of respiration.
  • Describe the anatomy of the bandhas and articulate how they support the physical practice.
  • Begin to understand the movements, purposes, and effects of the vayus within the subtle and gross body.
  • Engage with the breath’s power to guide both physical movement, as well as still the fluctuations of the mind.
  • To sense and embody the model of the vayus in your own practice.
  • Begin to articulate and communicate the vayu model to enhance and elevate your student’s practice.
  • Learn pranayama and meditation techniques to enliven your own energetic connection.
  • Enrich and advance your personal yoga through juicy, daily immersive practices.


8:00am – 12:00pm: Daily Sadhana (meditation, pranayama, asana, mudra, reflection)

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm – 2:30pm: Advanced skills topic (example: neuroscience of the breath)

2:30pm – 3:30pm: Advanced sequencing topic (example: wash cycle sequencing techniques) 

3:30pm – 4:30pm: Practice teaching integration and feedback

4:30pm – 5:00pm: Daily closing and reflections

5:00pm – 6:00pm: Dinner

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Optional use of space for practice teaching and homework/movie nights.

Note: Topics change daily, schedule subject to change

About Bali

Bali. Land of the Gods.

From the minute you step out of the airport into the warm, buttery air, your body begins to unfold. The magic of the island, its scented air, the friendly smiles of locals, magnificent mountains, rugged coastlines, volcanic hillsides and sparkling, and black volcanic beaches, will capture your heart and soul with its magic.  

Predominantly Hindu, the Balinese way of life is steeped in a rich and diverse spiritual history and culture, and a gentle prayerful way of moving through this world with everyday ritual. A haven of traditional healers and artists, there is a myriad of temples to explore as well as boutique cafes, galleries, yoga, and surf retreats. Seamless hillsides sculpted with rice paddies, towering rainforest canopies, and the unique, intricately styled architecture of the island is a constant source of wonder. With so much to explore you will quickly fall in love with this mystical island and its seemingly limitless offerings.

Bali is an ideal destination to re-navigate your inner and outer world while enlivening an exploration of the senses.