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“My Human Experience and Expression from the Heart”

Vulnerable conversations are the magic potions of life. They connect us with other humans and grow us like nothing else can. 

I’ve recently had one of these vulnerable (and playful) conversations with Ella Isakov for her podcast, Spirit Moves. She is a fellow yoga teacher and medical intuitive, who shares her gifts globally. 

Our conversation covered a lot of territory including some personal discoveries I’ve made over the last few years, how I have navigated some tricky territories, the importance of cleaning our gut to clear emotional and physical toxicity, my passion for teaching and sharing, and what inspires me to create. 

The last couple of years have been amazingly revealing. I’ve made new discoveries, realizing I’ve been carrying some emotional baggage that I didn’t realize I have been holding.  This has brought me to inner reflection, to look at my subconscious belief systems, and how they are creating my reality. I’m inspired to share my experience with others who might be going through any kind of struggle, as when we hear the stories of others, it can help us to know we are not alone in our challenges, fears, and insecurities.

We are complex beings, each with our own form of expression, perception and way of processing our experiences. I have always had the passion to create beauty; and for me, creating beauty means sharing my life learnings, with all of their layers of shadow and light. 

My hope is that by sharing my personal experience and how I’ve navigated (and continue to navigate) through my challenges, I can help in some way to connect us to the knowing that we are all in this together, we are strong, and more than able to handle what life gifts us. 

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My wish is for us all as humans to be able to find the comfort that whatever we are struggling with, there’s no shame in it. 

We all have to have our own process in life, with unique lessons we must learn, and there is no “perfect” path. When we lean into what is vulnerable, and share that with others, we help each other to grow and navigate our way to self belief, trust and inner coziness.

I’m excited to share this podcast interview with you and I hope you find some sweetness and connection in our sharing!

Listen to the conversation here:

About Ella

Ella Isakov is a world-recognized Medical Intuitive(healing energetics) and trauma intuitive with clients in Asia, Europe, and North America.  She has helped people with rare ailments, diseases, mental health, and trauma, from this lifetime and past lifetimes.  She is also a movement and yoga teacher, weaving in healing beyond movement in each class. To find out more about Ella please go to www.ellaisakov.com . You can also find her at IG @ellaisakovyoga.


  1. That is such beautiful conversation. Ella is an amazing interviewer and I love how you pop the bubbles Meghan. “I have all the things … ” and trying anyways. Thank you for creating and sharing this.

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