Exquisite Mettamorphosis

Meghan Currie’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training ‘Exquisite Mettamorphosis’

2022 – New Dates Coming Soon!




  • characterized by highly skilled or intricate art; excellently made or formed -marked by flawless form or workmanship
  • keenly appreciative or sensitive
  • extremely subtle or precise
  • pleasingly beautiful or delicate
  • Intense  


  • an attitude of compassion, friendliness, kindness, generosity, empathy
  • shared joy and the willingness to see the world from another’s point of view
  • a desire that all sentient beings be well, happy and free 


  • a change in physical form, structure, or substance esp. by supernatural means: also: a striking alteration (as in appearance or character)

This 27-day intensive training is designed to take you deep into yourself. Through the alchemical process of yoga, you will learn how to activate the inner healer and cultivate the wisdom that leads to true purpose and passion.    

Inspired by traditional breathing practices, Asana, philosophy, and merged with modern tools of self-study, movement and Meghan’s unique teaching and practice style, each day is layered with practices that help You begin to build healthy habits, strength, and ultimately a more vital, conscious way of life.  

We focus on setting a strong foundation in yogic basics, both physical and metaphysical. We re-build the practice from the ground up, allowing you to shed old habits and direct the body-mind toward your higher purpose.    

Rooted in the belief that every being has a purpose and a powerful message to share, this training encourages your unique gifts to be expressed authentically and powerfully.   

We invite, not only those who wish to become teachers but anyone who wants to take their practice to deeper physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Some of the things you will Learn:

  • Introduction to the Yamas and Niyamas, History of Yoga, and Vedanta
  • Intro to breath and pranayama techniques
  • Beginner Meditation techniques
  • How to articulate direct, clear, intelligent cues
  • How to teach asana with safe alignment
  • How to build intelligent, innovative sequences
  • How to teach to all levels
  • Verbal and basic hands-on adjustments
  • Beginner anatomy and physiology
  • Introduction to the business of yoga
  • Teaching skills, voice, communication, space holding
  • Postural alignment primary postures, plus key actions/refinements to make complex positions accessible
  • How to access deeper power, stamina, strength, flexibility and grace in your practice
  • How to find your voice!

And so much more…

The practices and studies focus on drawing you back to the wellspring of your own truth through the intelligence of your body-mind-heart so that what you share with the world is YOU, guaranteed to be unique and authentic.


Pondok Pitaya

Located in west Bali, 90 minutes drive north of Seminyak,  Pondok Pitaya sits directly on a volcanic black sand beach with a majestic cliff crafted by nature itself.

River Suite is a boutique hotel room designed for two people. Equipped with comfortable double beds and cooled air-conditioned for those hot nights.

The room is constructed with teak wood and recycled boat wood and decorated in contemporary colors and fabrics.


  • 1 double bed complete with mosquito net
  • Safety Box
  • AC
  • Bathroom complete with hot and cold shower
  • Bath Towel
  • Non Smoking Rooms
  • Electric kettle

*Note: Accommodation is not included in the program price

The yoga shala is a huge wooden structure set on the far end of the premises to get the full experience of tranquility between the hypnotizing crashing waves and peaceful smooth current from the freshwater river mouth. The north view is in a stunning location overlooking the Indian Ocean facing Australia and Java Island, literally a few steps away from the Balian River.

For more information please visit the Pondok Pitaya website.


Techniques, Training and Practice 100 hrs

This will be the largest hourly aspect of the training.  Entailing plenty of guided practices that will inform your experience and ability to translate practice safely and authentically into teaching.  

  • Guided daily practice:  Asana, mantra, pranayama and meditation practice
  • Posture lab: Optimal postural alignment in numerous yoga postures, plus key actions/refinements to make complex positions safe and accessible
  • How to safely access deeper power, flexibility, and grace in your practice

Teaching Skills/Methodology 25 hrs

This program will give you the confidence, knowledge, and enthusiasm you will need to share this practice with others in a manner that can transform and impact their lives. Where Intention, Attention, and Action align to create the reality that is your True Potential, there is nothing you cannot overcome!

  • Communication skills
  • How to articulate clear, direct, intelligent cues
  • How to teach asana technique and correct alignment
  • Build skill in observing alignment in different bodies
  • How to create classes that are infused with yogic philosophy and your heart’s message
  • How to build intelligent sequences, which are powerful, dynamic, and balanced
  • How to teach from your authentic self (this program is not about memorizing scripts. It’s about understanding the principals of alignment, sequencing, and teaching, so that you feel confident in creating and leading original classes.)
  • Business aspects of teaching yoga* (including marketing and legal).

 ..and more

Anatomy & Physiology 20 hrs

The anatomy curriculum for the 200-hour training includes:

  • Learning to accurately name the major body structures including muscles, bones, joints, organ systems
  • Introduction to biomechanics which includes plane of movements, relationship of body areas to each other, gravitational impact of positions on body structures, movement science 
  • Introduction to fascia and fascial planes (anatomy trains)
  • Introduction to the nervous system and its relationship with the practice of yoga
  • The anatomy of the breath
  • Injury prevention and special population considerations
  • Integration of anatomical knowledge with yoga teachings, sequencing, and cuing development

 *Special Requirements: A minimum of five of the above hours must be spent applying anatomy and physiology principles to yoga.

Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle 30 hrs

  • Introduction to the foundations of Yoga and yoga lifestyle
  • Introduction to yoga philosophies and traditional  texts
  • Mantra and Puja
  • Value of Values

Practicum 10+hrs

  • Practice teaching as the lead instructor
  • Receiving and giving feedback
  • Observing others teaching taking notes
  • Assisting students while someone else is teaching

Example daily schedule

  • 6:00 – 7:00 Tea and fruit
  • 7:00 – 9:30 Practice
  • 9:30 – 9:45 Journal
  • 9:45 – 11:00 breakfast
  • 11:00 – 1:30 Lab
  • 1:30 – 3:00 Lunch
  • 3:00 – 5:15 Guest Teacher’s lab
  • 5:15 – 5:45 Beach clean up
  • 5:45 – 6:45 lab/practice
  • 7:00 dinner

*one full day off per week
*schedule is subject to minor change


Our team

Meghan Currie

Meghan Currie is electric, potent, infectious. She is a creator, molding the light and dark within herself into yoga classes and art which are expansive journeys through inner layers. She loves this work, this creating, learning, concocting, healing; she has given herself to it fully.

Her teenage years and early twenties were burdened by debilitating anxiety and depression. She traversed this yawning darkness with eyes wide open, always learning. And it was through this trauma that she discovered the immense healing powers of the body-mind.

She now works with these healing powers, moving people beyond what they know, beneath what they see, constantly intuiting the highest truth, the deepest narrative, revealing the wisdom that she found in the dark, as a service to bring others into the light.


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Lindsay Mayock

Lindsay Mayock is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from New Hampshire, in the northeast of the United States. Her physical therapy practice specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal diagnoses, with a focus on pelvic floor dysfunction and women’s health. She loves teaching yoga classes as well as utilizing yoga-based therapies with her patients one-on-one. With extensive experience in the study of human anatomy and biomechanics, she has been passionately teaching these curriculums in YTTs for 4 years. Her personal experience with yoga is profound, and she believes that yoga is one of the most powerful tools out there to help people increase their body awareness and understand their own anatomy and movement mechanics.


$3,999.00 – Program Price in US$ (not including accommodation at Pondok Pitaya)

Program Inclusions

Pricing includes the cost of the 200-hour teacher training with Meghan Currie, as well as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification.

Pricing does NOT include the cost of transport, food, or accommodation/lodging at Pondok Pitaya. Students are required to stay on-site at Pondok Pitaya. Pricing will vary depending upon whether a student selects a shared or private room. There are a limited number of shared rooms, so please be sure to book your room early to ensure your selection can be accommodated. Pondok Pitaya posts its prices on its website.

Total investment package includes: (course price + accommodation package cost)

  • Morning tea, coffee, and fresh tropical fruit
  • 3 healthy meals each day, featuring vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options
  • Guided meditations, breathwork, and exploration into the connections between our inner and outer landscape
  • Daily yoga flows in an oceanside, open-air jungle shala guided by Meghan Currie
  • Workshops, labs, and intimate tutorials featuring intricate asana instruction by Meghan Currie
  • Teachings on yogic philosophy, including its history and practices across multiple disciplines such as song, chanting, and devotion
  • Instruction in anatomy and functional movement aimed at allowing yogis to understand the body’s natural movements, potential injuries, and how to practice and teach yoga safely
  • Opportunities to surf, swim, explore Bali, and meet like-minded individuals
  • Shared or private accommodation at the beautiful beachfront Pondok Pitaya
  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification

About Bali

Bali. Land of the Gods.

From the minute you step out of the airport into the warm, buttery air, your body begins to unfold. The magic of the island, its scented air, the friendly smiles of locals, magnificent mountains, rugged coastlines, volcanic hillsides and sparkling, and black volcanic beaches, will capture your heart and soul with its magic.  

Predominantly Hindu, the Balinese way of life is steeped in a rich and diverse spiritual history and culture, and a gentle prayerful way of moving through this world with everyday ritual. A haven of traditional healers and artists, there is a myriad of temples to explore as well as boutique cafes, galleries, yoga and surf retreats. Seamless hillsides sculpted with rice paddies, towering rainforest canopies and the unique, intricately styled architecture of the island are a constant source of wonder. With so much to explore, you will quickly fall in love with this mystical island and its seemingly limitless offerings.

Bali is an ideal destination to re-navigate your inner and outer world while enlivening an exploration of the senses.


  • Minimum 1 year of asana practice having practiced 2-3 times per week  
  • Minimum 5 classes with Meghan, online or in-person


The Teacher Training with Meghan definitely was one of the greatest miracles happening in my life. Every single step unfolded magically and I can’t put into words the depth of how my whole being was touched and transformed through this experience. What striked me most is the kindness and love with which Meghan and all her assistants treated every student and also family members. — Xoxo Katharina

Katharina Heyner

Meghan Curries Teacher training was not my first teacher training and likely not to be the last. Teacher training immersions within themselves are such absolutely amazing transformative experiences. Where you are given the opportunity to as Meghan likes to say INDULGE in your own experience. They are a gift, and an opportunity to meet so many other amazing people who are on the same path.

Now lets talk about Meghan Curries teacher training ! It was EXQuisitely  metamorphisiscaly delighlighfull. How could it not be, Meghan is undoubtedly amazing with a depth of knowledge that can only come from a prolonged whole hearted immersion in growth and yoga. You can not tell where she begins and yoga ends. Practicing with her daily helped me to tap into an inner strength that I hadn’t tapped into before and it felt great! One of my favourite things about her style of teaching is the cueing,  that brings both a strength and ease to the practice. I felt really lucky to be given privy to the unfolding of both her process of cueing and developing a class. Each of her classes an intentional well crafted work of art. The crew of beautiful people she has assembled around her for the training are exceptional! The training is run seamlessly.

You’re ah spicy-a  meeeeat-ah-balla!

Jamie Kidd

Becoming a yoga teacher with Meghan Currie, in Bali of all places, was the only way l wanted to do it. If you love Meghan, which l am sure you do because you’re interested in attending her training, then JUST GO FOR IT! It changed me immensely. I haven’t completed other trainings, so l have no comparison but the flow, the intensity, the workload, days off, staff, everything seems to have a point, a energetically planned outcome by Meghan, like she really has a meaning for every step of the training. I knew l was changing, metamorphosising, everyday, and it was done with such grace, beauty and love that l didn’t feel the pain. I am so glad, and honored to have this knowledge and to have shared so much precious time with sweet Meghan 🙂

Cory Anne Cochiolo MA, CHt

Meghan Currie’s teacher training last Nov-Dec was the best thing that I ever did for me. However, it doesn’t stop there. It spills over to the people that are close to you and ultimately the people that you will teach. Not only is it a yoga teacher training like no other, but it also makes you a better version of you. You will be transformed over the 28 days like you never dreamed possible. You will also make connections to like minded from all over the world.

The training is intense, but doable. The days and nights are long, but you wake up in a magical, ocean front, jungle setting, feeling refreshed & wanting more. Meghan takes you on an incredibly deep yoga journey. This ultimately leads you to the unfolding of the many layers of your own soul. I would do it again in a second.

Tom Guzek

My Meghan Currie 200 hr yoga teacher training was a life changing beautiful experience. I learnt and grew so much in one month and this path of growing and learning has continued on as a lasting after effect of the training.

Meghan creates this beautiful space for you to fully explore yoga and Bali is a transformative healing place to do exactly so. The training is a beautiful harmony of philosophy, anatomy, in depth learning of asana, the process of creation of yoga classes, self work and learning to share through teaching.

Meghan’s lessons are deep and profound. Every little wisdom she shares is a little life lesson. She also invites other incredible teachers to each share their wisdom with you.

Throughout the whole process, I found individuality to be encouraged. You get given all the tools to understand the foundations of yoga and teaching however this training certainly goes beyond that, offering you space to explore what it is you uniquely have to share with your teaching.

My journey of life hasn’t been the same since. I get to share my love for yoga with others now and have found a deeper connection to myself and life. My whole teacher training experience with Meghan felt a little bit like magic.

Sarah Hessey

For me, the teacher training with Meghan was one of the best decisions and experiences I made in my life so far. I learned so much about Yoga, Life and myself in only 4 Weeks. The Name Love School is Programm and it’s more like a Life Experience than a School or Training. It’s so much more than I expected. We had such a great Training with so professional Teachers. Meghan taught us everything about Yoga, all the Asanas, sequencing and Breathing. Not only the physical aspect also the Theming and Meditation was a part I really enjoyed. Sharada was a wonderful Yoga Philosophy Teacher with so much knowledge. I didn’t know much about the Meaning of Yoga before but she made me wanna learn more. Lindsay was a great Anatomy Teacher with an answer to every question. It’s a big topic but she was so willing to teach us safe in every asana and to get to know our bodies even better. We had a Workshop with Matt Corker and this changed my point of view for my future. This 4 weeks in Bali were really transforming and of course it was tough but this showed me so much more about myself. Meghan and her team did such a great job with creating this training. I made friends for life and had such a good time – would recommend this training to everyone.

Katherina Job

Taking the YTT 200 hours with Meghan last year, was definitely one of the best decisions  I ever took in my life, definitely changed my whole life and my view of the world. Meghan is an amazing human being and an incredible teacher, the way she instructs is raw, powerful and authentic. She gives so much energy to each and every student and manages to hold space for herself and for everybody at the same time. The team that surrounds her, does a mind-blowing job, the whole journey is really well organised and I felt really well taken care of during this intense month of training. I can only recommend to everybody, who is interested in Yoga, whether you want to become a teacher yourself or not, to embark on this metamorphosis with Meghan and her team. What I took home with me from the YTT is so much more than just being able to teach Yoga, it’s also about being able to see the beauty in simple things and find connection with love, humanity and nature – Loving every moment of this incredible life.

Maurizia Maurer