Smart Goal Setting: Decide Exactly What You Want

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Smart Goal Setting: Decide Exactly What You Want

Hello, lovely humans! 

I would like to share some sweet insights about a topic that relates to this month’s theme “Strength”, it’s about Smart Goal Settings. 

Let’s start with defining what goal setting means.

Goal setting is a powerful exercise that requires us to be courageous to articulate for ourselves what we value, what makes us happy, and what we want to create.

We need to decide how we want to invest our energy using our inner strength.

Goal setting will enable greater strength. 

It’s like drawing a map of our ideas and dreams but in a more structured way, like a blueprint. Once we set our main goals, we can have a focus of attention that we can anchor into. We need to ask ourselves about what is important to us and be honest with ourselves. 

With the right goal setting, we can start strategizing the steps to walk in that direction. This will help us to stay motivated and feel inspired. 

The first time I did goal-setting, there were fears, doubts, and some inner resistance. I see resistance as a meeting of an inner threshold. I don’t perceive these thresholds as limitations, but as things that can strengthen my journey to achieve my goals. 

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So, what is SMART goal setting? 

One of my favorite goal-setting structures is SMART goal setting. This structure was created by George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham in 1981. Here is the essence of it. 

S   Specific: Clear, defined, precise, detailed goals.

M   Measurable: with numbers, dates, amount of time or money. 

A   Attainable: Achievable goals within the limitations of our available time, money, environment, skills, and abilities as well as goals that can help us grow a little beyond our limits. 

R   Realistic: Make sure these goals are aligned with your purpose and values. 

T   Timebound: We need to set specific deadlines for the completion of our goal. 

It’s important to work on our goals daily. Every little step that we take each day matters to reach our goals. We need to step out of our comfort zone sometimes, so be courageous to take a new approach. 

I’ve created specific journal prompts to address this topic. If you want to go deeper and explore more about this topic you can find it in the “Strength” workbook. It’s included in the Membership in my Online Studio.

I hope these insights can spark your inspiration and motivation. 

Please leave some comments and feel free to share your thoughts. 


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