The Majesty of Being – Amsterdam Weekend Workshop

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The Majesty of Being - Amsterdam Weekend Workshop
The Majesty of Being - Amsterdam Weekend Workshop

The Journey into inner Sanctuaries workshop in
Amsterdam 13-15 July 2018

The Europe tour is coming closer, and I am so excited to share more about the events with you.

Amongst so many awesome Cities I will be coming to Amsterdam, and I´m so thrilled to come back to this amazing City and the wonderful Vondelchurch. It´s an incredible love-filled space for Yogis from all over the world to connect, learn and play.

Come and join me for a 3-day workshop with a mix of slow-motion flow, yin, yoga nidra and vinyasa organized by my dear friend and colleague Suze Retera and her company Global Flow

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Majesty of Being is our natural state of rich abundant fuller then fullness. Where we find ourselves complete and more than enough, cozy and nourished from within. This weekend workshop is a journey home. Home to where the breath is.

Home to where the symphony of life unfolds note by note, forever never replaying two melodies in the same way twice. Home is here, Now, as is. Come as you are, receive your own riches. The innate wealth upon which we all sit calls us back home.

Here are some impressions from last year’s workshop.


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