Simply Be: The Majesty Of Being – Istanbul Weekend Workshop

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Simply Be: The Majesty Of Being - Istanbul Weekend Workshop

When we really stop and drop all efforts and allow ourselves just to be, as we are, without any need to poke, prod, fix, squeeze, try, do, add or subtract- where we find ourselves is in a state of deep steep, a state of simple Being. This is one of the most delicious and powerful skills we can acquire.

This is an excerpt of the class “The Deep Steep” from the “Majesty Of Being” workshops. Weekend workshop in Istanbul on August 10-12th, 2018. Istanbul seriously is one of my absolute favorite Cities ever, and my heart was melting from excitement to see my Istanbul friends and fam.

What does it really mean though, to simply Be?

We sometimes think, that to simply be means to be in a state of peace and serenity, or in absolute perfect bliss.

But to simply be, means, to just be with yourself as you are and let the situation be as it is, without trying to control it or change it, and without trying to control yourself or the way how you feel, but rather just allowing everything to be, so that there is no pushing against what is.

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Sometimes this can feel overwhelmingly hard, or seem impossible to achieve. What it needs to come to that state, is that we need to realize WHAT we are pushing against, and then stop pushing.

Self-inquiry and true listening, listening to all there is; Without shutting down, pushing away, hiding from and efforting against, will show us exactly what we need to see, in order to understand what we need to let go of, stop efforting against, to then just letting us and everything breathes. Breathe, and Be. 

And then, with that allowance and spaciousness,  the state of Being is there, as it always has been, and always will.

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