Meditation: Sweet Sweet Steep

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Meditation: Sweet Sweet Steep

The only place to begin is right here enveloped completely in everthing that IS here.  When we reject some parts of ourselves, while favoring othere, a great internal divide is created.  It can be felt as a physical, emotional and mental contraction that utilizes a great deal of our vital energies to sustain, and creates an undercurrent of resistance inside and out.  

When we can practice, even if only for 3 minutes, surrendering to what it as is, we slowy slowy build the internal architure to hold space for all our dynamic differences. 

Tensions, fears, anxieties and inner pressures are given space to be curiously exploresd just as we do when on a road trip trying new strange foods, or meeting someone for the first time.  In these situations we have an open state of being, usually free of the contractions fear projections. 

I imagine it like a big steep of my selves within my Self.  Steeping implies no poking or probing the herbs rather simply allowing the infusion to take place on it own time.  

Allow allow allow.  Feel feel feel.  Let let let.  

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I hope you feel the steep,  


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