A Girl and Her Food Intimacies

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A Girl and Her Food Intimacies

Because it feels good.  That’s all.   And that’s really the whole reason.  Sure sometimes I smear my breakfast on my face to nourish my skin but for the most part I have not a clue actually scientifically if yogurt increases youthful textures as I have yet to see a study but it’s not my main focus anyhow.  

Mainly what I’m striving for here is a feeling I get when I miss my mouth.  The first miss gives me a very special feeling.  Its that kind of inner sensory flush that excites when I’ve gone out of the lines of what is supported and encouraged by societal consensus as acceptable and appropriate.  Its bad and so bad that its the best.   

This is followed swiftly by a sharp analytical moment of acquired conditioned inner tension that urges me to think about wiping off the smear.  Before this thought can think about taking action I am rapidly overcome by an opposing urge, more primitive in nature, and therefore with greater animal power.  This urge unleashes a gut full of stomping chemicals that dance as though to the heartbeat of a thousand drums, saying don’t stop, rub it everywhere.

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And usually there is no battle of sides but just the succulent sounds of the pure enjoyment of a slimy saucy sweet sticky self rub down.   And at last, here is the evidence.  I trimmed down this gallery from about 300 face fruit orgy images.  I’m excited to finally share with you my life’s work.

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