Through the alchemical process of asana, pranayama, meditation, nutrition, self love rituals and contemplation, you will come to discover the subtle energetic threads that connect you to others, to the world, and back to yourself. 


about 200 hr yoga teacher training

Next event: Bali 2017

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Meghan focuses on drawing you back to the wellspring of your own truth, to be guided by your own internal navigation system, so that what you share with the world is unique and authentic.

These trainings build strength, openness, and agility in the physical body, creating a positive ripple affect through the other aspects of life. You become more resilient, developing clarity around the life you want to create, and confidence in the message you’re here to share.

Standing on a firm foundation of philosophy, anatomy, and deeply examined asana technique and sequencing, each training works with the fusion of energy provided by the students. This cultivates a unique experience, where hearts connect, lives change and healers discover themselves.

You can expect to leave with eyes wide open, more deeply rooted in self, courageous and excited to share your essence with the world through the practice of yoga.