Milano Workshop Impressions

Sometimes I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having the opportunity to do what I do.  The feeling feels  so big that sometimes it’s as though I don’t even know how to process it. 


I attempted to express it to the beautiful group this past weekend at my workshop in Milano.  It’s not only a gratitude that I, Meghan, get to share my heart, passion and the practice that has transformed my life- but it’s a also mind blowing  appreciation for all the people that come and want to go deeper into themselves, to peel back the not-always-so-easy-and-delightful-to-see layers of themselves in order to learn, grow and evolve. 


Teaching in Milano was profound for me-teaching is always profound for me.  I’m reminded again and again of the pure magic that life is, as something much bigger than me comes funnelling through, composing a medicine that is profoundly transformative.   And I am gifted the most precious gift- to witness others transform right before my eyes-  through the conscious applications of breath, movement and stillness all wrapped lovingly in the ultimate evolutionary tool we have as humans- the light of our awareness.  


Thank you to every being who joined me this last weekend in Milan.  I’m so grateful, my heart is so full it hurts.  Thank you to Silvia, Francesca and Christiane for organizing an amazing event and welcoming me like family.    Thank you Lavigne for your light and laughter and catching all the memories with your gift of taking gorgeous pictures.  


My next stop is Salento for my week long retreat held at Yoga in Salento, organized by my dear friend Dejana and owner of Supersoul Yoga.  After that I make my way to Austria for the Yoga-Festival Worthersee June 15 – 17.   Then my  weekend workshop schedule continues with Zurich, Madrid, Lausanne, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and Istanbul.   Eeek! So excited.


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Loving you big and in deep gratitude for all of you who follow my journey. 




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