Lausanne Workshop Gallery

While on tour, what I admire and adore in the ones who invite me, is the passion, joy and effort the amazing hosts put into the weekend workshops. I am continuously amazed and grateful for my incredible hosts.


Valentina and Ivan went above and beyond simply hosting me. We spent such a sweet, fun, hilarious time together and grew into friends. Thank you so much for making my week in Lausanne SO special.

And thank you to all of the amazing organizers and helpers who put in so much heart into the creation of an amazing event: The wonderful studio Lequilibre Yoga, Sebastiana, the amazing musician "Wild Dog Yoga" Fabri and Marco.


What draws me around the world is largely feeling the genuine love and passion that the amazing beings that invite me have for the practice. Thank you Lausanne, each one of you made this week and workshop so unforgettable!


I love when photographers come to the events and bless us with these amazing visual pieces of memories for us all to share. Thank you JeStarPhotography! :) Check out the Gallery for some impressions of this workshop. 





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