Hardest Tissue

my hardest tissue 
was holding the hands  
of all my sweetness 
and I forgot for that time
that I knew how to love
my hardest tissue 
was holding tight the density 
of every memory 
and I was looking for them all these years
believing memory was not mine to have
my hardest tissue 
was acting so tough 
like brittle sugar
and most tender to the touch 
biting back with hard force 
because it forgot all this time 
how not to protect 
all the hard tissues
living barely breathing 
let down guards
under our soft thumbs gaze
with receptors that say its ok 
it’s okay
to let
the hard
be the hardest 
for moments long enough 
that the stories can be felt  
and then the memories peak out
little treasures
too precious to be given so easily 
sacred jewels 
telling wisdoms
held in our fibrous vaults 
until the one to receive 
has been readied
ripened by life 
softened to absorb the fullest fullness
our inner riches unfold
always at the perfect moment 

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