You Are Your Own Medicine

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You Are Your Own Medicine

What is the pain saying?

When a skillful body worker heals it is obvious that they are listening. They listen with their hands to the tissues, to subtle responses and reactions, and then they apply a technique to communicate with the body. On the other hand, when a body worker is not so in tune, and simply applies a learned technique, unaware of how the client’s body is responding, a disconnection is created, and more tension may arise.

We are all body workers and healers, our bodies in a constant state of renewal, processing unfathomable quantities of information.

But when we fall out of sync with our own innate intelligence, when we forget that we are made up of the very healing tools we require, we tend towards relying on external systems to bring us back to balance.

And these external systems are beneficial to us some of the time. But there are things to consider.

Often external medicine, serving to bring an organism back into homeostasis, can only do so in the superficial layers of the body-mind. For example, someone with a stomach issue receives medicine and it relieves their stomach pain. However, the problem with this type of approach is that the original source of the pain has never been acknowledged; the ‘pain information’ remains. This means that the pain may manifest again in a new way, somewhere else in the body.

Due to the nature of an external realignment, it is usually a few degrees off. So if you can imagine the accumulation of many external adjustments, they actually have the capacity to take us further and further away from our optimal alignment. Not only then are we left misaligned, we are no longer listening to ourselves and trusting the inner signals and spontaneous realignments that arise organically from within.

The process of beginning a dialogue with our body-mind intelligence is a worthy one. The external adjustment that we receive from a professional is important, but it is only the first step.

Complete homeostasis can only happen from deep within.

No healer can process your old paperwork for you; they can only guide you to where it is stored. We contain lifetimes of information, (I refer to lifetimes not literally in the way the logical mind perceives them; logic perceives ‘lifetimes’ as it refers to life, in human form as we experience it now. I refer to lifetimes here as understanding that our composition is recycled energy, and therefore contains the residues of many forms prior) each of our particles a library, and each book a guide to be learned from.

We can start a dialogue with any sensation/emotion we are experiencing. And we can begin this conversation with our logic fully activated, or we can choose to soften our mind, so that instead of

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bursting with questions and pushing for answers it is softly curiously listening.

Try to remember a time when you were having a conversation, and while the other person was speaking you were busy brewing what you were going to say next. Now remember another time when while the person was speaking you were absorbing everything they said, as though you were inviting it into an endless space inside. Remember how it feels when you are speaking and someone is practically cutting you off with their responses, compared to when someone is really listening.

We want to activate the latter when listening to our emotions/sensations, openly, curiously, innocently absorbing every single part of the experience.

This practice is a process; let is be so. There are no mistakes.

For each perceived mistake creates a reaction inside us that takes us deeper, allowing us more insight into our inner architecture.

What is the pain saying? Ask it.

Imagine that the pain is the earth, dense with life all the way to the core. Starting with the outer crust, traverse it, with no rush to get anywhere, just curious to understand all that it is made of.

What do the superficial layers of the pain feel like? As you travel deeper can you begin to hear the thoughts that are generating the sensations of pain?

Try to feel the sensations as intensely as you can without trying to change them. Just sit in them like you would sit in a hot tub, merging and softening into them, fully alert, listening for the stories attached to the pain and allowing them to teach you how to heal.

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