Where it began

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Where it began

In 2011 I left Vancouver on my very first trip to teach overseas. One of my most influential teachers, Chris Chavez,  connected me with Cihangir Yoga in Istanbul and we set up a weekend workshop.  I decided to leave 2 months early and have a little adventure pre-workshop.  The first place I landed was Barcelona on this here terrace where I recorded my first ever time-lapse.  This is where it all began.  I set up the camera and hit record.  This practice was 2 hours long, and its neat to see, that although my musical taste has altered with passing years (for the better I think :))  my sequencing and flow are similar.  

I remember after editing this video, and getting ready to post it, how terrified I was to share it.  So I decided to create a youtube page under a fake name, or rather, my name all scrambled up.  “Keaghanlizamurrie” because my full name is Meghan Elizabeth Currie.  I thought this was pretty clever and no one would ever know it was me in the video and I could feel the safeness of staying hidden.  

It took me at least an hour to hit the share button and still today I get butterflies that tell me what I’m sharing is real and makes me feel raw and vulnerable.  I think this is how I know to do it.  Feel the sensations that want to hold me back and then do it anyway.  

When I zoom out and look at the biggest picture I can see, it becomes very very clear to me time and time again that is would be such a shame, a sad loss, to not share the various forms of creative output that drive through, asking to be shared.   Like birds holding back their songs, too scared of what the others might think of thier voice, or dogs suppressing their urge to wag their tail in case it appeared too different from the rest of the wags.

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The see that part of the great unfolding of this human house is the rediscovering of how to let the spontaniety of the creative juices of life simply flow through ones being and drench, soak and effect everyone it touches altering them in some way.

With our markings, in what ever form they express, a glance, a hug, a listening, compassion, music, painting, inventions etc, we imprint collective reality and make this masterpiece we are all a part of even more dynamically beautiful than 1 second ago.

This is a part of my creative process, where it all began, the creative sharing of some of the things I love the most; movement, music and video creation covered in my shaky heart strings. 

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