The Majesty Of Being – Interview preview

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The Majesty Of Being - Interview preview

Hay Loves,

This is a sneaky little preview of the Interview that I´ve recently done with the amazing Nicky from “Be The Practice” who is organising the “The Majesty Of Being” weekend workshop in Madrid together with Lucia from “The Class”: The workshop was taking place June 29th – July 1st at the magical venue Nave Maria.

BE THE PRACTICE: Could you tell us a little about the workshop The Majesty of Being which you are touring in Europe this summer?

Well, The Majesty of Being is thematically all about how we’ve forgotten what it is to be rich. We are conditioned since we were brought into this world to understand that wealth is something you accumulate in the form of money and matter and possessions, and also education and belief systems. We collect all these different layers of identities and external objects and that is our idea of the human experience of wealth. We have really forgotten what the essence is. What it is to be rich, what it really means to be wealthy and what is the essence of our being –  our being, not doing, not buying, not adding anything and not taking anything away.

So the Majesty, like the royalty, the richness, our being, is what the whole workshop is about. It will be a weekend with many different practices, some deep conscious breath initiated movements, some pranayama, meditation and lots of deep deep work.  We will also do some yoga nidra and yin yoga and some awareness exercises.

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All of these things are folded into each other and their purpose is to bring us back in contact with this wealth. That wealth is always there, but it is so noisy, there are so many distractions, there are so many layers of ourselves that we are always faced with. So what these exercises do is that they calm down all of that noise, and I don’t mean to get rid of the noise. Because that is a part of our wealth also: our thoughts, our systems, everything that is going on, our complexities, our vulnerabilities, our triggers, our insecurities. That is all a part of our wealthy experience of being. It is not about getting rid of those things, but instead of those things being the things that we are giving all of our attention to, those things can play, and then they can almost like can merge altogether for us to then be able to redirect, I’d say, steep in the ‘wealthiness’ that we just are. 

That is what the weekend is all about. There will be lots of fluid graceful, slow, juicy deep work and movement and breath and music.


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