The Italian Experience – Salento Retreat

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The Italian Experience - Salento Retreat

When 33 women and one powerful man gather in Zollino from 15 different countries around the world in the land of food, wine, passion, love, expression, to play, move, stretch, inquire, allow, sweat, connect, love, speak the truth, unravel- nothing is left unchanged. Not the land, nor the beings.

This last week has been heart-opening, mind-blowing and soul-settling. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude at the gift that has been every single human being transforming before my eyes. It’s a quality of brightening, like layers of old temporary information fall away with every new day. It’s a whitening of the eyes and an expansiveness through the pupils as the doorways to the majestic soul slide open allowing the greatest beauty, mystery and magic to shine through.

Tears, laughter, silence, listening, sharing, truth, realness, rawness, vulnerability all held within the cocoon of loving acceptance of self and others.

To put the magic into words seems to limit the infinitude that cannot possibly be described.

I have learned so much this week. I have been gifted the blessing of experiencing a space of pure love, unconditional acceptance and transformation. I have seen women come together to hold each other high in the pure space of unconditional allowance of what is. It’s in this space we have the opportunity to heal so deeply, to be as we are without the cloaks of conditioned roles, to see ourselves, each other and live rightly, granting back the true magnitude of what we are.

Thank you SO much to all the women and James- the man. I am humbled, honored, grateful, amazed, changed. You are all so beautiful. Thank you for expanding my heart so big. You have stretched me in new ways.

Thank you to my dream team:

Dejana- sister, friend, business partner- working with you is a gift. The space you hold is deep, tender, sweet, strong, allowing and FUN. I love you so much. Can’t wait for more and more expansive werk play.

Jo- my soul sister- I love you so much. Thank you for your profound shamanic healings. For holding space for the group to transcend. You are the best of the best and I want to play with you ALL the time. Be that goddess

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Sanjin- you. You existence is hard to fathom. You light up everyone you come in contact with. You make every woman you photograph feel like the queen that she truly is. Your art is unreal and I am so profoundly grateful to know you and have the opportunity to make art with you.

Thank you Francesca for creating Yoga in Salento, an astounding space for deep connection, enjoyment of life, healing, nourishment and play.

I love you love you love you love you love you love you love you all so much

I’m so moved.

Thank you universe for this special concoction of magic. My gratitude is beyond words.


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