The Drape

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The Drape

I´m writing to you from Amsterdam, where I am teaching “The Majesty of Being” workshop this weekend hosted by my dear friend and colleague Suze Retera with Global Flow Yoga Retreats.

The writing below is an homage to the coziness and nourishment that are to be found within yourself when entering Savasana and this specific moment after Savasana. try it! 🙂

The drape 

At the end of class after the corps pose, there is that moment when you roll to your side.  When I instruct this it comes through as so much more than a simple roll to a side waiting to come up.  

It is a place to experience how amazing, powerful, complete, and unfathomably beautiful you are when you are not trying to be anything or anyone.  When you just Are. Being.   When you drop everything, agendas, stories, beliefs, and just Let go.  Drape.  Let yourself be held on mama earth. 

Try it.  When you roll to a side, First make it the coziest shape possible.  Infuse it with cozy.   Then with one arm under your head, place your other hand on the earth.  Recall now, what it is like when you touch someone (friend, lover, child) or something (animal, nature) that you love the most. the kind of touch where the intention is not to gain anything.  Just to share love.   The kind of touch that brings out more of who you are.  The kind of touch where all the lines of communication are open, completely free and uninhibited of inner judgment or conflict that restrict energy flow in any direction.

This kind of touch is not more a giving touch or a receiving touch, it is a merging of two into one and becomes a form of deep communion, communication and has a harmonizing affect upon both parties.  

After steeping here in this memory whatever sensations filtering through your experience, bring attention to your whole body.  Now call in the embodiment of the same qualities activated in your hand into your whole entire body-mind.  Draping on mama earth like you could drape on or near someone or something you love the most.  Someone or something that brings out more of who you are because when you are with them you are simply Being completely Yourself.  Natural.  100 percent organic.  All armor, facades, and trying of any kind, dropped, released, dissolved.  Like a sweet child waking up from a nap.  Agenda free.  A rational mind not yet in full action.  Day dreamy and in full engagement with the magic of all of Life’s possibilities.    

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Remember or imagine, that when your hand touches another organism, there is a profound exchange so great and complex that our logical mind is not yet fully able to translate the entire exchange, or sometimes is not even aware it is happening. 

Now Sense this, imagine this, experience this possibility with your whole entire body, draped upon the earth, in communion, communication, merging and syncing back into harmony with her.  Mother Earth.  Receiving all of her healing power.    

Practice this position every day, for I believe it will rekindle a connection we long for so deeply.  A connection that satisfies and fills every void, heals on the deepest levels. and reactivates our remembrance of why mother earth is called MOTHER Earth.  

This is extremely healing.  Soothing, grounding and humbling,  Healing our relationship to the body of mama Earth, and our own body.  

As you do this, encourage yourself to continuously let go and feel the beauty of your body-mind,  how it buzzes with Life.  With playful light.  Your being.  How powerful you are, when you are not trying to be anything or anyway, you just are. You.  As a gorgeous, complex, genius, wild, and Beautiful as the Queen who teaches us of true majesty through all of her creation, Mother Nature. “



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