The Astonishing Process of Breathing

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The Astonishing Process of Breathing

What is one thing that we can be 100 percent certain we all are doing together right now, no matter where you are on the planet or what activity you are up to?

Yes, breathing! Hopefully, you are breathing!

Now take a deep breath. ahhh

It’s the one thing we all definitely have in common, as long as we are alive that is. It’s also one thing that can be taken for granted or even forgotten because it’s so automatic. 

Yoga practice marries us back to our awareness of our breath and it’s the power to enhance and stabilize our body-mind. And having an understanding of the genius of our body and the complexity of the process of breathing enhances our understanding and practice even further. 

I’m amazed by the microscopic intelligence that is communicating within our body 24/7 for our entire life.

Tiny beings are literally working non-stop to keep us alive. And it’s all happening in the background. 

We don’t literally hear the conversations of our cells communicating with each other, but with a greater understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes, we can develop an enhanced sensitivity to tune into these subtle processes a little more!   

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Breath is the force that orchestrates the whole symphony. It animates us from the moment we arrive until the moment we transition, is with us every step on our journey here. When we think of breathing we might think of the nose, mouth, trachea diaphragm and lungs. But the actual full process involves the entire body AND there are so many more characters involved in the amazing process of breathing!  

Oxygen takes an epic journey through our body!  

The incredibly difficult journey of oxygen through our body – Enda Butler

I am simply fascinated by this process! And there is so much more that happens after Oxygen’s initial journey. I will send you another love note next week.  

I hope you enjoy the video and it awakens some new connections to inspiration for you!


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