Tapping into Our Creative Nature: Follow the Urge

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Tapping into Our Creative Nature: Follow the Urge

Hello, Delightful Humans! 

I hope you’re all feeling inspired and cozy 🙂

Have you ever felt a deep inner urge to create something but it felt scary in some way to even try?  I want to share with you a little bit about how I see the process of creating anything new.  

Sometimes having the desire to create something new, or many things can feel overwhelming. Or, we can question which path is the “right” one to take.

When we focus on ALL of the details of any given task or decision, the overwhelm can be mentally paralyzing. With each project comes ten thousand details. Within each detail can come many different kinds of challenges to overcome, both internally and externally. 

But to spend time, literally mapping out baby steps, and then to make it a practice to execute these tiny steps, literally grows what you want to grow, over time. 

One of my inspirations in learning the skills of creation has been to get acquainted with the patience of nature. To watch how she creates, grows, and paints the earth and sky. One of the greatest learnings for me is that things are born over time, step by step. And all things that come to live also pass and go back to the earth.

Another thing that can be observed is that the blueprint of each plant is contained in the seed. But each seed needs specific environmental circumstances in order to sprout. Then once sprouted, it’s the external environment that creates the circumstances for the plant to grow strong, unique, and expressively producing what it’s intrinsically coded to create. Either by shifty weather and seasons, or the surrounding plant and animal life, there will always be challenges to create more unique creations. 

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As humans there can often be confusion that runs deep about what we are here to do. One can have many likes and passions, and simultaneously many obstacles, pressures, and ideas of what “should” or “should not” be done. There can also be an idea that we must choose to do just one thing, and stick to that, thereby sacrificing every other like that created inspiration and joy.

What if we were like seeds, so uniquely coded, and when nourished in certain ways, different aspects would grow. What if the different external circumstances we experience trigger new aspects to come to life, aspects of our intrinsic nature that were never expected. And what if we could trust in how we are growing, what we are creating, the journey we are being taken on, and trust that our inner urges are pulling us in all the right directions. 

I believe urges are like an inner nudge to nourish some aspect of ourselves to life. And that when we nourish them, we stand in new terrain composed of possibility.

We can have many urges to learn or create new things, and there is a split-second moment to either nourish the urge or shut it down. The questioning of self, and one’s ability to do certain things, is often a way we close ourselves off to the opportunity to nourish our seeds.

So I think the place to start is right here, allowing inner urges to be really validated and welcomed. To create micro-moments of time each day to water our seeds. And to allow the external environmental circumstances to further influence our growth.

There is not a better moment to start anything except for this one. Allow the doubt, fear, and inner questioning to be what further cultivates inner presence, power and inspires more courage.

I hope these sweet notes can spark your inner bravery to put your ideas into action. Let’s embrace the beauty in every tiny little step of the creation process without letting our doubts and fears hold us back, but rather to allow them to boost our inner power. 

Love you!

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