Sunlight Of Your Awareness

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Sunlight Of Your Awareness

Awareness like the sun. Warmly penetrating, deeply nourishing. 
Gravity caressing our every tissue, mama earth tuning, toning, recalibrating, loving up. 
The ocean of breath combing through every particle, giving the ultimate deep clean. You have given yourself a radical gift of self-love, by coming here, to reconnect to the Majesty of Being. 

Allow yourself to arrive as you are. 

No need to add anything, or take anything away. As is, all is in perfect order. All things arise they must, in order to leave behind the imprints of the lessons your highest is calling to learn. 
Stay, with each layer of your experience unfolding. Each tiny layer, like a delicate flower petal, inscribed with such dense wisdom, like an ancient scriptural palate. 
Each layer, when seen, heard, allowed to express; imparts, infuses, endows, enriches our being with all of its teachings. We become wise through the inner travels when we do so with the remembrance that we can see, hear, absorb from the wide-open space of the majesty of Being-ness. 

Allow this being, no effort in any direction.  We may think of effort being primarily physical action but with greater inspection we can see that most of our efforts reside within the reaching of mind activities.  To practice no effort in any direction means to let all things be as they are, no need to poke or prod, to add or subtract.  Make your thoughts impossible to hold onto imagining they are covered in oil, too slippery to handle, and therefore as they arrive they have already passed. 

Allow all things that arise to arise.  Remember how nearly impossible it is to catch bubbles.  Give all your inner eruptions the effervescence they deserve, to freely rise to the surface, lift up, float and pop, reconfiguring their information once again in the soup of the whole.

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We have all experienced this, what it’s like when we are not being heard or clearly seen and allowed to express.  How much tension and resistance this creates within.   And then when we are heard, seen and allowed to express, ahhh everything softens, resistance melts, ease ensues.     

Working with our inner resistances is much the same.  When something arises, if we can sit with it, with the part of us that is like the qualities of the sun; warm, penetrating, nourishing, not judging where it shines or what it’s shining upon, then the knots finally have a chance to be seen, heard, felt.  They are allowed to express and therefore to let go.  Allowed to finally let go.


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