Stay Awake

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Stay Awake

My practice is a practice of this. Staying awake. Awake to every moment as best as I can. Staying awake especially in those moments I most want to run back into the comforts of deep slumber

Staying awake to me means staying conscious through all the moments. Feeling into deeper deepest depths of this human experience. Becoming stretched wiser from every unfolding relationship in every format.

That’s what this song is about. A reminder to myself, that especially when I want to run, that impulsive urge urging me to scatter is the actual alarm bell wailing, reminding that now is the perfect time, just to stay.

To stay awake

it begins this way

honey dipped day

got beginners luck

so we say we’ll stay

one uncomfortable

we must run away

it has come

so now don’t you run

it is here

so now stay near

seasons all confused

the flesh we refuse

say it’s a mistake

we all need a break

we forget to see

all the clarity

no mistake

please stay awake

stay awake

stay awake

“Stay Awake” is from my EP, The Daydream Project, a collaboration of creative juices from myself and The Blend Orchestra.

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