Self Doubt

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Self Doubt

If you can imagine your mind like a house, bricks and mortar, or sheets of pine, and filled with all of the unique furnishings that make it yours. For as long as humans have walked the earth, we have been constructing, one individual house at a time, a collective city, made up of all of our individual minds.

It’s a design much like the layout of an actual city, interwoven with electricity, plumbing, roads, subways, sky trains, all organized with signs and traffic lights, so that everything functions as designed.

While in the womb, the construction of our house is already underway. We begin to receive information from the outside world via our mother’s interactions and internal processing, which in turn is processed mostly within the depths of our own subconscious.

When we are born the rate at which we receive information increases, and the bricks that begin to grow upwards from the foundations of our house are added one at a time by our experiences and interactions within the collective city; our mind is being designed by us, but in accordance with the rules of the collective.

This subconscious construction is a positive and incredible phenomenon. The fact that this ancient information is mostly conveyed to us non-verbally sheds light on the gifts that we possess if we begin to tune back in.

But this is also what creates a lot of challenges for us as we grow to become adults. Our city is old, and though it possesses the beauty and majesty of its ancient architecture and history, at some point it will need to be updated as the systems become outdated. The problem is that our collective mind has been out of balance for a long time. Let’s say it is extremely outdated and overloaded, and cannot possibly function optimally for the population it serves.

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There are many symptoms of the dis-ease caused by this imbalance in our collective unconscious. One of which is self-doubt. Self-doubt is mixed into our mortar by misinformation; the information an individual receives is often scrambled or unintelligible because of the overload on the collective system, and this creates a deep mistrust by the individual toward itself.

Unfortunately, self-doubt is a deep and inherent problem in our collective unconscious (one that is maintained by those who have much to gain by the system remaining the way it is), you see it eating away at buildings and roadways like rust.

But the beauty of the situation is that the whole city does not need to be torn down in order for balance to be restored. Rather, the individual can wake up, and make choices that are in higher, more advanced, intelligent alignment with our up to date reality; by taking an honest look into the foundations of their own house, collecting the tools and learning the skills to rebuild, the individual, in turn, restores the collective.

The things that give to our enrichment most, are the things we must put ourselves into fully.  So do it.  Don’t strive for perfection, rather for growth; slow and steady with lots of falls and wobbles. One brick at a time.


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