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Beautiful community,

I hope this love note finds you cozy and feeling loved up.  I want to share with you a little of what I’ve been processing, in hopes that you can find tiny bits you might relate to and feel nourished by.

This year I have experienced a lot of inner resistance.  The kind of resistance I thought I had worked through years ago!  Do you know that feeling?

I have to remind myself that our bodies are crazy amazing.  We are a walking library of everything we have ever experienced and we can never fully predict when aspect will bubble/rebubble up to the surface.

Sometimes the timing of what comes up can seem inconvenient and we might automatically resist it.  Resistance is that state of rejecting some part of our reality, a contraction against some part of our experience.  However,  it’s ok to resist things, and there is so much we can learn from our resistance.

Sometimes when we feel some kind of resistance, we slather on another layer of resistance on top of the original resistance.  This creates a kind of double armor in an attempt to secure a kind of safety from discomfort.   However, instead of safety, this creates a double contraction.

When resistance shows up, if we can melt a little instead of contract, like softening into the pungent flavors of what’s showing up, then, the information that’s held there, can be digested.  It passes.  It not only passes, but it transforms us from within, we grow from it.

Here is a little video where I share some of my thoughts on the wonderful alchemy of getting into the pond with our resistance.  This video snippet is from my online workshop, “Slow Motion Potion”, a 9-hour practice journey through the art of slowing down on and off the mat. 

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There is so much we can learn from our moments of resistance.  Remember, it’s not meant to be easy, and our greatest spurts of growth often happen by passing through the experiences of life that require courage.

Here’s a little exercise, it can take 3 minutes:  

Grab a journal and a seat.  Ask yourself super honestly,  “are there any aspects of any part of my life currently, that I am experiencing feelings of resistance towards?”.  Think of relationships, work, home, expression, tasks, goals, dreams, desires, etc. scan through until you feel one in your body. 

Then, when you catch one, hold it, feel it, melt into it.  Let the resistance live and express its feeling and narrative fully.  Feel it fully.   Keep melting in closer, consciously softening into what you feel.   Let whatever starts to bubble out of it, move through you.  Sometimes a wave of heat, tingles, tears, restlessness, boredom, anything.  Acknowledge the digestive power of simply allowing yourself to feel what you feel.   Notice what insights arise.

Then journal what you saw, learned, discovered.  Always journal in raw format, no editing.

I hope you found even a tiny droplet of sweetness here!!  I would love to hear from you, please leave me a little love note in the comments section:)

Loving you from a distance :),

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