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Meghan Currie Yoga Online Studio

A journey is often a long process, filled with challenges, adventures, and oftentimes surprising revelations.

I have come to learn that, if we choose to see it, journeys are gifted to us to help us grow deeper and expand, by allowing us to reconnect to ourselves.

Through my 20 years of practice, I’ve realized that everything is a process to unravel deeper aspects of ourselves. Fundamental changes unfold progressively, bit by bit, layer by layer. I believe that if we can see life and practice in this way, we can access a well of inner insight and reconnect to our own source of wisdom; our inner compass within.

I have learned so so much over the years within my personal practices and through teaching and interacting with you, our beautiful, vibrant community. It has been my lifelong dream to be able to take all of what has helped me grow and expand, and to share it with you!

I’ve been designing practices that are built progressively layer by layer. The physical aspects of the practices are designed with key actions infused to build bodily awareness, strength, and grace so the postures can blossom with greater ease and stability. I’ve paired each of these practices with a workbook containing journal prompts that provoke essential answers from within. Journaling has been such a key for me in learning to navigate my inner layers. These are practices that have become a lifestyle for me over the years that have helped me find greater confidence, motivation, inspiration, and enabled me to feel more at peace with who I am.

Designed with love, and the desire to share what has helped me along the way, I’m finally putting all of this into an Online Studio!

I have created this studio as a space for juicy metamorphic movements and inner journeys to inspire and elevate your practice. This space that I’ve created with love is inspired by all of my years of practice and teaching. I have tailored the programs as journeys, synthesizing physical and mental practices to create delicious mind-body connections.

My hope is that through the progressive practices, you find discoveries that help you grow not only in your physical practice but in your journey of self-discovery.

Try a free class in my Online Studio

Hi lovely human! I'd love for you to try out this delightful firey flow in my Online Studio: Firefly Flow.

Over the years of interacting with this community, I’ve been listening and learning about what you crave in practice and personal growth. I know that it’s often difficult to find the time for practice amid your hectic schedule and some of you might still be struggling with physical alignment and key actions within the postures. So, I’ve tailored shorter programs, cued with details, and I’m creating tutorials to break down poses to ensure you practice safely and progressively in achieving the poses you’re stretching towards.

I’ve been so excited to share with you this launching of my Online Studio! I know many of you have been asking questions about it. So, I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of some of the programs I’ve created so far for you:  what Wheel Variations, Morning Glow, and Dancer’s Pose Progression are all about.

More details coming in my newsletter. For those who can’t wait to dig into practice, I’ve released one of the classes from my Morning Glow Journey for free, “Morning Glow: Lean In”. I hope the class energizes you as it has energized me!

I hope that my Online Studio will help you unravel some sweet inner layers and take you on a progressive journey within your practice, physically, somatically, and spiritually. I hope that through this Online Studio, I’ll get the chance to hang out with you and our sweet nourishing community more! Stay tuned amazing humans, more info to come soon! 

Please leave some love notes in the comments section below about what you hope to see on the Online Studio, I would love to hear from you and your feedback is everything!

Loving you,
Meghan Currie

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