Madrid Workshop Photo Gallery

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Madrid Workshop Photo Gallery

Madrid. I am still filled with so much heart-melting goodness. This past weekend has been a gift that I could not be more grateful for.

Meeting all you beautiful people and connecting with old friends. The celebrations, chats, laughs, play, dirty nonsense, and of course the practice.

This practice that brought us together from all the different corners of the world and every single one of you who came made this week so special.

Nicky and Lucia, thank you beyond for creating such an amazing experience. Every detail was exquisite. You did such an amazing job. I love you

Benny, my dear friend, what a gift you are and it’s such an honor that I have had the opportunity to co-create with you.

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Nave Maria – just wow. A space such as yours is a rare treasure. Like a heart. Thank you for creating such a work of art that radiates the love that you are
And of course, thank you to ALL you amazing 120 human Beings who came to dive in deep. Thank you for you. Just as you are intrinsically wise, deep, strong, vulnerable, beautiful, powerful, amazing, complex, messy perfect genius- YOU as is. Just wow.

PS: I just published my very first Playlist for you all! Click the Spotify link to have a listen! It was so much fun creating this playlist and I´m so happy to share this music with you all now, yay! <3 

I am sharing this gallery with you as a visual remembrance of this weekend, knowing the magic is still vibrating in all of us as I am writing this.


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