Inner Languages

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Inner Languages

There are days when my inner dialogue tells me not to share my wisdom, that there is enough information cycling around already. When these inner voices are active, it feels like a powerful current pulling me down heavily, out of the center of my highest inner vision and into great density.

The centre of highest inner vision, is the source from where our highest and greatest and wisest reasons for doing what we do are born. It’s those aspects in our life, that when focused on, light us up on the inside with feelings of possibility.

Listening so deep and tracking the migratory direction of these sensations, it can be observed that they are upward rising, light and effervescent. The opposite dialogue current, the one that is activated by fear and insecurity, is accompanied by downward-moving sensations of heaviness and density.

It’s important to learn about both these inner subtle energies so that we can understand what is at play in the situations where we feel inner conflict. Life can become difficult and painful when we don’t understand the languages of our inner workings, especially when emotions surge, and we can’t isolate one from another. But with deep listening and patience we can begin to understand how different aspects express themselves through us. Slowly slowly learning to decode the messages and cultivate more clarity.

We often automatically meet our life with logic and reason, which is sometimes embedded with all many learned impossibilities and limitations. Rooted in fear, often aspects of logic activate to keep us moving in a direction that is ‘safe.’ Functioning automatically from this aspect of fear however, we miss the opportunity to step outside the lines into the adventurous risky zone of the hearts wild – the parts of us that are intuitive and non-linear. The desires and suggestions of these parts of ourselves might be beyond the ability of the rational mind to understand, making them even scarier for logic to fathom.

Much of Logic communicates via thoughts, and talks A LOT. Like a huge committee that debates on and on, attempting to carve out the decisions that are the most risk-free. But our non-logical aspects may not communicate in a man made language. Through feelings that can be subtle, like a whisper, or loud and definite and grounded in a feeling of deep knowing. Steady, but also changeable. Its communication is decisive, yet neutral, because it knows that whatever final decision is made will be a lesson learned. It sees the bigger picture and so does not get angry or scared about making the ‘wrong’ decision. It is the part of our body that is connected to our bigger bodies and therefore, is fuelled by a higher ability to see.

In the higher levels of vision fear does not exist because there is more clarity around the fact that everything in existence is cyclical, changeable, impermanent. This is not seen or understood in the lower reaches inhabited by ego and logic. In realms of logic death for example has a quality of permanence and so there is greater potential for gripping ferociously onto the things in front of us lest they be swept away on the tides of forever. In realms of higher vision, death is not a goodbye but a hello, a transition into new form, not the end but a new beginning.

Delve into your feelings. See if you can decipher which aspect is ruling, logic or intuition, and which is being unacknowledged or listened to most of the time. This is where we begin to tap into and develop our feeling abilities. And at first there is this initial buzz of sensation singing like insects in a dense jungle and It can be tricky to isolate individual sounds and decode their meanings. This is the challenging part and the place where there is the most opportunity to learn, not only about ourselves but also about life and how it flows.

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As you enter this realm, tune your awareness to any sensations that are generated by fear. Then listen And feel. Feel all the feelings, letting them express exactly as they are. Listen even closer and see if you can hear any traces of the thoughts that are generating them. Moving deeper, tune your awareness to what resides below the fear. There may be a new, more resonant pitch to the buzzing. How do the sensations feel here?

Then pose any question that you are working with; simply drop it in like a drop of water into a pond. Be still and listen to the responses that arise from within. There will not necessarily be clear answers or there may be many. Drop all expectations. The point is not to find an answer and be on your way. Rather, to learn about your inner workings, so you can begin to write your very own user’s manual.

Can you feel the question activate aspects of fear? What does the fear feel like? Can you feel the question activate aspects of higher wisdom? What does the communication of inner wisdom feel like? Notice how the two feel differently. Journal your experience.

You’ve tuned into your inner wisdom, that rare script whose only passage into the world is through you.

Use it. Share it.

Love you,

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