Dimensions Of Listening

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Dimensions Of Listening

With every physical action that we take, there is an equal effect that ripples just under the mainstream of what can be heard. We have an ability to pull our focus impossibly tight, like when listening to someone telling a secret in a loud room, to zoom in to amplify the smallest sounds.

“The Dimensions Of Listening” is a class in my “Majesty of Being weekend workshop” that I have been teaching in Europe, for the first time in Berlin on the weekend of July 20th – 22nd, 2018,
a city that I was very excited about. 

I have been deeply inspired to create this content by and through the discoveries of my own studies, contemplations and practice.

The more tuned in I get to all of the different textures, frequencies, flavors, complexities and volumes of my inner world, the more deep and profound this inner world becomes. With that depth, comes an understanding of the inner workings of myself.

Us humans, we are conditioned to seek and fascinate about external world, but we are not so naturally conditioned travel to such great extents inwardly. And there is as much magic, wealth and surprise to be discovered inside as there is out. What is required is a new perception of what it means to listen. Listening not just with the usual faculties, but opening up to sense and merge within the core of our experience. Then an open dialogue free of presumption, judgment and expectation can begin, and we get to be the first to uncover it, learn it, transcribe it as though discovering a new undiscovered language or land.

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The practice and play of multidimensional listening is healing, expansive and transformative. Through my own practice of listening I have traversed, understood and overcome so many of my inner obstacles, that before would hold me back in many ways. Slowly slowly, little by little, I found I began enabling the development of a new relationship with my inner mystery, one where I felt safe and amazed rather than shaken and fearful.

When we develop a deeper understanding of our inner world simultaneously and in equal proportion this understanding transcends through our capacity to know the external. We can begin to grasp the idea that everything around in our lives externally is a reflection of our innermost workings. Ultimately, we get in touch and develop a real sense of self, which may be one of the most valuable gifts we can receive in this precious life.


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