6 Liters Of Olive Oil

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6 Liters Of Olive Oil

90 days, 17 flights, 13 cities, 12 workshops, 314 hugs, 100’s of new global friends, 6 liters of olive oil, 87 ounces of sweat and tears… equals…A journey.

A friend once told me that trips and journeys are different. From a trip you return from your destination feeling somewhat the same as when you left. From a journey you always come back a new person, transformed and full of rich experiences that go on growing you for years to come. On a journey well experienced there contains every color, texture, flavor and shade of experience in perfect contrasts so that lessons, both enjoyable and challenging, can be set into their proper place inside us sweet, forever-learning human beings.

This tour has been just like this. Richer than the richest, fuller than the fullest, an overflow of deep experiences, lessons, connections, and insights of the lightest and darkest, playing the contrast game in order to show more vividly the message.

It takes me a while to come down after such a journey and I’ve been more silent these days reflecting and integrating. I tend to go hermit for a while, but I feel I’m finally coming out of my little cozy shell.

I want to thank absolutely every being I had the gift of encountering on this tour. Every encounter has left an imprint deep inside of me that is surly recalculating my architecture- and I will be absorbing the lessons for much time to come.

Thank you to Christiane, Francesca, Silvia, Dejana, Sanjin, Jo, Petra and Stephanie, Gape, Simon, Vicky, Alexia, David, Vivianne, Nicky, Lucia, Lara, Benny, Monika, Brookee, Martina, Anna, Valentina, Ivan, Eva, Emily, Temple, Alisia and the Soneiro Collective, Marina, Reyes, Brandee, Daniel Zetouny, Naim, Alev, Zeyneb, Chris and Rebella and ALL you beautiful students who came to the workshops, the festival and the retreat! <3 

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Thank you to my besties Suze, Dejana, Ana, Jo and Lindsey Mayock. Always giving me that unconditional loving no matter what state is percolating out of me. thank you for the loving space you held for me on days when I needed it.

And finally, thank you to my assistant, Rosalie, for setting it all up!

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