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September 26+27~ ~ NEW YORK, NY~ Weekend Workshop at Pure NYC

October 1st~ ~NEW HAVEN, CT "Magical Recipe" Masterclass at Balanced Yoga Studio

October 5~ ~WINDHAM, NY~ Sequencing Workshop at Ahimsa Fest~ Windham Mountain Resort

October 4~ ~STANHOPE, NJ~ Weekend Workshop at Iaro Land Yoga

October 11+12 ~CHARLESTON, SC~ Love Every Moment Weekend Workshop at The Yoga House Of Charleston

Oct 31-November 2~ Intrinsic Genius Workshop at Balance Yoga Frankfurt, Germany

November 7-9 ~ Love Every Moment Workshop at Pure Yoga, Copenhagen, Denmark.

November 14-16 ~ Love Every Moment Workshop Palma de Mallorca, Spain

November 21-23~ Love Every Moment Workshop at the YogaLoft, Cologne, Germany

November 28-30~ Love Every Moment Workshop at Bhavana Yoga Centre, Athens Greece

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Love Meghan